Our Escape To Margaritaville Island Hotel plus Our Epic Gender Reveal On The Island In Pigeon Forge

Going to Pigeon Forge, TN is a staple vacation spot for many couples, girls trip, newlyweds and families, but have you ever stayed at Margaritaville Island Hotel or visited The Island in Pigeon Forge? Every time we drive over the bridge heading to the Margaritaville Island Hotel we’re so excited because we know we’re going to be transported to an island oasis! Here’s what we love most when visiting, once you’re on the island for your stay you’ll never have to leave because everything you need or want to do is on The Island in Pigeon Forge! Don’t believe me, just keep reading.

Photographer: Ryan Hull Photography

Margaritaville Island Hotel is located in The Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, TN. My family and I absolutely love the island vibes with no passport required while staying here. Jimmy Buffett has definitely pulled out all the stops to put you in a Margaritaville State of Mind and remind you it’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere. Our most recent visit was hosted and it was nothing short of incredible. First let me say, we felt safe as they are requiring face coverings for all guest and team members. Throughout the property there are hand sanitizer stations near high touch areas and social distancing is encouraged. They have a variety of rooms and suites perfect for couples, families or groups. We can’t help but choose the River King Whirlpool Room, it has a dreamy hydrotherapy tub and walk-in rain shower. This room is very cozy and features a seasonal fireplace, private balcony and more. Click the link to view our River King Whirlpool Room Tour on our first visit in 2019.

Now that we’re in paradise, you can decide to enjoy the pool with a cabana and order food and drinks or book a spa treatment at St. Somewhere Spa. Personally, I like to do it all! We spent time swimming and Juliette enjoyed the hot tub while mommy sipped on a non-alcoholic but very tropical strawberry and mango beverage with ice cream. I took advantage of having the St. Somewhere Spa in our hotel and called to book a Prenatal Massage while Juliette and Johnathan would still be asleep. This was the perfect act of self care I didn’t realize how bad I needed it. The massage therapist made me feel comfortable and this was the first time I had been able to lay on my stomach in a long time. I came back to my family feeling refreshed and relieved!

On The Island 

Now as I said, once you’re on The Island you’ll never have to leave. Let’s talk about that! Whether you have an appetite, looking for family friendly entertainment or shopping The Island in Pigeon Forge has it all. It features a 200 foot Observation Wheel and the Island Show Fountains.  There’s over 80 attractions, restaurants with free admission and free parking! We love eating at Timberwood Grill (the cornbread is so delicious), Cinnabon, and of course Margaritaville. There’s live music, a really cool arcade, outdoor rides and the list goes on. We had an Unlimited Ride Pass that we were able to use throughout the Island for all of the rides. Juliette got to ride The Flying Horse Carousel again and again! I recommend getting an Unlimited Ride Pass as it’s totally worth it! If you want to travel back in time, you can get dressed up and take fun photos at Old Time Photo. We personally enjoyed The Escape Game, we played with Juliette in tow and had a great time. We didn’t escape but we got pretty close. Now with all of that fun you see what I mean by you don’t have to leave! 

Our Epic Gender Reveal 

I asked Johnathan to plan something and not bore me lol. He can be so creative and romantic so I knew he could handle the task at hand. I thought I knew what he would do but oh boy was I wrong! Johnathan planned an unforgettable gender reveal to happen while on our visit. To back track a tad, when we checked in and opened the door to our hotel room there was a pink and blue balloon bouquet and I immediately was in tears. Plus a portable crib for Juliette to sleep in and I remember saying the next time we visit our baby will be sleeping in this and Juliette will be in a big girl bed. 

Welcoming Gender Reveal Balloon Bouquet

At this point, I know it’s finally happening soon. The next evening Johnathan tells me to get dressed we’re going out to The Island. He booked a photographer, Ryan Hull Photography to take some family photos and capture the moment. So at this point the sun is beginning to set and I just know that he planned to light up the Observation Wheel pink or blue? I’m standing there looking at it and totally mesmerized while JP is setting up the camera to record. I remember talking to one of the photographers Emily about what I would like to have. I told her I wanted a boy since we already have a girl.  Then JP said, “Turn Around”. When I turned around he then told me, “This is where it’s happening”. I was now facing the captivating Island Show Fountains and it was about to begin just for me! Soon as the music began combined with the pink and blue lights highlighting the fountains bursting into the sky the tears were streaming down my face!

The song playing was “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant. As JP held Juliette in his arms, she grabbed onto me to try to console me.

When I tell you I was boo hooing, your girl needed a whole box of tissue. I was overwhelmed with joy just standing standing there watching the various sequences of the incredible fountains and started to sing along nervously waiting to see the which color would accept defeat.

Ryan Hull Photography
Ryan Hull Photography

There’s was a drum roll and song transition to reveal “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy and the Island Show Fountains goes wild and roars with blue! I was jumping and elated that we have been blessed to be having a boy!

The crowd watching along cheered and celebrated with us. Just thinking about it all makes me cry happy tears recalling this precious moment in our lives. After the fountain show ended, JP told me to turn around. I turned around again to see the Observation Wheel has gone from rotating colors to now illuminating blue! At this point, I’m a fountain of tears again! Talk about an Epic Gender Reveal, my husband truly blew me away! I was grinning from ear to ear all night and all week long. We celebrated with a dinner at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen on The Island and admired the wheel from the window. 

Celebratory Dinner at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

After all the excitement and eating way too much we decided it was best to call it a night and enjoy our ride on the Observation Wheel another night during our stay. The ride in the all black VIP gondola was a real treat as we soared to view The Great Smoky Mountains. Our time at Margaritaville Island Hotel was incredible and I’m so grateful for the experience and my husband’s thoughtfulness. Thank you to Margaritaville Island Hotel and The Island In Pigeon Forge! 

Definitely add them to your list of places to stay and visit when thinking of your next visit to The Great Smoky Mountains! 

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