How We Made A Gorgeous Balloon Garland with Junibel Inc

Our daughter Juliette first birthday was approaching and we wanted to celebrate with family, friends and fun! Her party theme was “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. It’s also the song she came into this world too with my push playlist playing in the background. I wanted Aladdin party decor, a milestone picture banner and what’s a party without balloons! I didn’t want a usual helium filled balloon bundles I wanted a garland. I’ve always seen gorgeous balloon displays at events, but did I ever think I could make one myself? No! Not until I found Junibel Inc.

They have the most beautiful balloon combinations that I’ve ever seen and I’m so happy Junibel partnered with us so we can share our experience using their products.

 Junibel offers kits to make arches and garlands. Not only are they beautiful, they’re affordable! You can use their kits for any celebratory occasion from birthdays, family reunions, baby showers, bachelorette parties, graduations too. Seriously, I could go on and on. Balloon garlands can easy cost around $300.00 and up. Junibel kits are priced under $30.00. Yes, you read that right! We selected The Balloon Arch and Garland Kit in Blush. 

It came with 80 balloons of various sizes and 10 bonus balloons in 5″, 12″ and 18″ sizes. It also included a 17″ balloon garland strip, 100 glue dots, clear string and assembly instructions. 

As I begin to open the package I started to doubt if I could make one as beautiful as the photos I saw online. Now don’t get me wrong I’m pretty crafty. However, assembling a balloon garland was new for me and sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary. So I walked away and went to bed. The next morning I woke up to all the balloons already blown up! JP was so excited for Juliette’s party he did it without me. He used an electric balloon blower pump that I secretly bought on Amazon. Seeing all of those pretty balloons I realized there was no turning back and now it was go time as the party was a day away. 

I stretched the balloon garland strip across the living room from one end to the other. I added the larger balloons first then filled in some open spaces with the medium size ones. I didn’t want to complete the entire garland since her party wasn’t at home. At this point, over half of the battle was done and I was getting really excited as I could see it was coming together nicely. I still had many balloons left to add to the strip so I bagged the rest in six 33 gallon trash bags. 

We transported the garland to the venue in bed of the pickup truck and used tools around the house to help us keep them from drifting away. Here’s what we used one 8ft by 10ft tarp to cover the balloons on the strip. Then secured them with large spring clamps on the bedrails and used a cement brick to keep the front flap from flying up. Afterwards I packed my moms SUV with the six bags of balloons. Once we arrived we only lost 3 balloons. It was hot outside and honestly I expected to lose more! We moved the balloon garland and bags inside and I begin adding the rest of the balloons while JP and his brother worked on the backdrop stand. They used the clips that came with the stand to hold the garland in place so they didn’t use the string. Finally they placed the small balloons to fill in any gaps. It took them around 30 mins and I looked up and my heart was filled with happiness and joy. We did it! It was all thanks to our Junibel Balloon Arch & Garland Kit for making it so easy.

Our garland pulled all of our decor together and made for a great photo backdrop. Our guest loved it too and couldn’t believe we made it ourselves. 

Again, it was so easy to make and incredibly fun too! I would recommend Junibel Inc time and time again for you balloon decor needs!

To find our more about Junibel visit:

Juliette’s 1st Birthday Party Pics Below!

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