How To Plan An Epic Night for Live Nation’s, Live From The Drive-In

Live music has always brought so much joy to my life and many others. In times like these where social distancing is at an all time high, providing live music to fans takes some creativity and hardwork. Live Nation was up for the task bringing us Live From The Drive-In, Live Nation’s first ever U.S. drive-in concert series.

Each ticket allowed four people to a vehicle to enter. Live Nation created a way for fans to experience live music while making safety a top priority.

“Each event will comply with all health and safety standards per local jurisdictions and state regulations in order to protect fans, artists, crews and staff.”

They made social distancing a breeze by creating Personal Tailgating Zones.

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The event was held on July 10-12, three incredible nights of live music with amazing chart topping artist in three major cities.

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The Line Up

Indianapolis, IN – Ruoff Music Center

July 10th – Yacht Rock Revue

July 11th – Jon Pardi

July 12th – Brad Paisley

St. Louis, MO – Hollywood Casino Amphitheater

July 10th – Brad Paisley

July 11th – El Monstero

July 12th – Nelly

Nashville, TN – Nissan Stadium Parking Lot

July 10th – Jon Pardi

July 11th – Brad Paisley

July 12th – Darius Rucker

I remember when I saw the commercial saying this event was coming to town and I knew I wanted to be there! We scored a ticket to Sunday’s show with Darius Rucker in Nashville, TN. I immediately began to think of all of the things we would need have a great time while attending the concert. I talked to my best friend for hours discussing ideas from tailgating food, setup, and even what time we should leave the house! I learned so much while preparing to attend the Live At The Drive In Concert that I want to share my experience and some tips with you on how we had the most epic time from our first drive-in concert!

Read The Rules

First let me say, reading is fundamental like our grade school teachers would say. Be sure to read the FAQ’s it will help you tremendously. The last thing you would want is to have your glassware or bottles taken at the gate. If I didn’t read the rules I wouldn’t have known to print our ticket for entry. I would’ve assumed a copy of my phone was okay. So be sure to read all of the rules so you know what to expect.

Make A List and Double Check

I’m not a list maker when it comes to grocery shopping but I will say making a list will save you from forgetting to grab the main thing you came in the store for. I recommend making a list for items you want to bring separating the items you already have at home and what you need to buy. My list consisted of everything I needed from eating to comfort. I knew I wanted to unwind and take my shoes off so I wanted to bring a rug plus it was great for keeping Juliette’s plush chair off the concrete outside. Whatever your do, make a game plan so you can enjoy your evening as best as possible.

Arrive Early

The gates opened at 5:30pm. We left our home to head to the Nissan Stadium at 4:15pm. I wanted to arrive early because even though tickets are sectioned off by pricing level and color zones (Gold, Red, Blue). All tickets are GA meaning first come and saving a spot for your pal as if it was Black Friday was not an option. We arrived 4:30pm to get in line to enter.

When we pulled in to enter the gate we were greeted by a staff member and handled a welcome note with the Fan Code Of Conduct with guidelines to follow. It included a map, trash instructions, text line info, food and beverage, merchandise, social distancing and face mask instructions. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in Metro Nashville and Davidson County so outside of your car it had to be worn. If anyone did not have a mask they provide them with one. As an added safety measure an officer and a K-9 walked around every vehicle before entering. Then our ticket was scanned, we received our gold flyer for our dashboard and the staff then ushered us in to our zone.

We got a really sweet spot! We was able to get everything set up and eat within minutes of entering our personal tailgating zone. So I highly recommend arriving early to enjoy yourself and get the party started!

Our Personal Tailgating Area – Gold Zone
Our View Of The Live From The Drive-In Stage
Our Tailgating Food

Clean Up Early

Cleaning up was apart of my game plan. I came prepared with trash bags and reusable totes to make cleaning up a breeze. Live Nation also passed out two large bags one for recycling and one for trash. I would recommend cleaning up after you finish eating so when it’s time to go home your not stuck cleaning and loading up in the dark. We placed the food we wanted to still snack on throughout the evening in an easily accessible spot in our car.

Have A Rain Plan

The weather can be tricky therefore it’s best to be prepared with a plan just in case. In Nashville it was scheduled to rain just about all day long. I prayed that the show would be able to go on if rain came and I even whispered a prayer for the equipment. JP and I discussed who would place Juliette in the car, what items he would grab and what I would grab. Ten minutes later and 30 minutes til showtime the rain came and it was time to put our plan into action. Within two minutes we packed everything up so it wouldn’t get drenched in the downpour. We celebrated with a high five while sitting inside the car waiting for the storm to pass.

Have Fun and Enjoy The Show

Not long after unloading the car and setting our chairs out again it was time for live show to begin! Darius Rucker opened the night with his chart topping song titled “This”. Throughout the night he performed 30 years of hits from songs with Hootie and the Blowfish like “Hold My Hand” and “Only Wanna Be With You”. Some of favorite moments of the night was dancing with my family as he sung “Wagon Wheel” and hearing fans honk their car horns after a song. Plus an encore was done in grand fashion with car lights flashing and horns blaring! Darius Rucker came back out on stage and said, “It sounds like New York out here!” He sung a few more hits even belted out a some new songs one was titled “Beers and Sunshine” that he mentioned writing during Quarantine. Darius Rucker ended the night with a tribute to Prince by singing “Purple Rain”. Before exited the stage he thanked us all for supporting live music. Later going to Twitter to say the following.

“About last night… Nashville! You were amazing. Horns were honking! People were dancing! It was a show I’ll never forget. Thank you!” – Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker, Twitter Account
Photo Credit: Frederick Breedon

We had so much fun and it was a pretty magical night for fans across the music city of Nashville. It was so well organized and the staff was on their job making sure everyone followed the rules and wore their face mask in Nashville. We felt very safe.

Thank you Live Nation, the amazing artist, talented band members, crew and everyone that helped us get back to enjoying live music safely! I will never forget this night and I hope for more Live From The Drive-In concerts.

Here’s a video highlight I made. I do not own the rights to these songs nor the Live Nation GIF. Artist: Darius Rucker

Tell me if you’ve been to a Drive-In Concert or which artist you would love to see perform at one?

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