PRIVY All White PopUp Diner’, More Than A Party

PRIVY All White PopUp Dinner 2022 was an incredibly good time. It was held on September 17th at Riverfront Park, Nashville TN. Yes we all dressed in our white attire. Then loaded up the car with everything we needed to decorate our table for an all white dining experience. There were live performances by many chart topping artist, including Adina Howard, Sunshine Anderson, Tweet, Lyfe Jennings, Carl Thomas, and Kid Capri! However PRIVY is more than getting together to party.

“PRIVY is a cultural movement that celebrates the arts through community, lifestyle, entertainment and philanthropy.” – PRIVY

PRIVY founders, Mr. Manuel and Mrs. Valeria Lopez saw a need and aspired to help students with their eyes set on a higher education as many families cannot afford to send their children college.

PRIVY FOUNDERS, Valeria and Manuel Lopez Image by: Mark James Photography

I had a chance to interview Mrs. Lopez. She is a gem and open to sharing her story. Many may not know Mrs. Lopez did not graduate from High School after becoming pregnant, but she knew the importance of having an education. She earned her GED and furthered her education at the Art Institute of Atlanta and Georgia State University. Mrs. Lopez said, “There are other women that need to know it’s okay, keep pushing and it doesn’t define you. That’s why Paying It Forward is so important.”

Her mother was her inspiration that led her to helping others. Mrs. Lopez explained to me, she told her mom that she wanted to be able to give back to her as a thank you for all the things she’s done to help her along. Her mother passed away before she could do this. So she made a sacred vow to pay it forward to those around her.

She created Essential Needs Non-Profit in 2014, that awards scholarships to help students with books and other needs during their current year of enrollment. Helping students focus on their education and lessen their worries about expenses is her goal. Mrs. Lopez is committed and passionate about giving back to her community and honoring unsung heroes in her hometown here in Nashville, TN.

During the Popup event PRIVY celebrated their Pay It Foward Award Honorees. This award is given to community giants for the work they do to uplift and push their communities forward.

Congratulations to the Pay It Forward 2022 Award Recipients are Kim Bella, Rev. Dr. William Harris, Sr., Sandy Wade, and Tracy Williams.

Flyer Announcement by PRIVY

Privy Diner’ Popup received its proclamation from the city of Nashville on September 17, 2021. The proclamation confirms that for every third Saturday in September PRIVY NASHVILLE DAY is recognized. While PRIVY celebrates inclusion, it is for everyone!

Students interested in applying for a scholarship may send an email to
Applications are accepted throughout the year.

SPECIAL THANK YOU to the lovely Black owned businesses provided me with their support!

Host: The Lopez Group & Essential Needs Non-Profit – Privy Diner’ Popup

Curated Table Decor: Live Laugh Love Everyday Co

Cheese & Charcuterie Board: Anzie Blue & Chef Star Maye

Caterer: Twinkle and Company 07

My Special Table Guest of Bloggers & Creators
Porsha, Alicia, (Me) Tiarra, Canesha and Melissa

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