How To Have A Successful Family Night Out With A Baby!

Ever feel overwhelmed with bringing the baby out on a date night? Now, that we’ve been married for two years and have our Juliette date nights are now turning into family night out. A few months ago I surprised Johnathan with tickets to see the Nashville Symphony perform the music of QUEEN for our 2nd wedding Anniversary. He was very excited and this was the perfect event since we knew this year we would be celebrating with our daughter in tow.

So of course, that took a bit of planning and packing the right items.

Finding The Outfit

JP loves when I coordinate our outfits. I’d say I got pretty lucky while shopping at Ross I ran across the cutest Official QUEEN Merchandise bodysuit for Juliette for only $2.99. I bought her both sizes in stock. It was such a steal of a deal!

Next, I went to Target I knew I had a pretty good chance to find some band tees in the men’s department. Not only did I find cool QUEEN shirts for JP and myself, but they were on sale for $8.00 each regularly priced $12.99. Now that what to wear dilemma was out of the way I could change my focus on packing.

My Packing Essentials

I wanted to pack light enough that everything would fit in her travel diaper bag as I call it. Yet, I wanted to have everything I could think we would need if we encountered rain or if Juliette become fussy. Here’s the list:

  1. Infantino Baby Carrier
  2. Medium Sized Tarp
  3. Blanket
  4. Pocket Ponchos
  5. Gerber Puff Snacks
  6. Bottled Water
  7. Two Toys
  8. Banz Earmuffs

I was sure to check the venues list of approved items to bring into the amphitheater. Many people had to leave their lawn chairs and umbrellas behind at the gate as they entered. The snacks were a hit for Juliette and toys too when she got tired of dancing to the music. The one item I could’ve left behind was the ponchos since it didn’t rain as the meteorologist suggested. Together we sung and danced the night away. We truly had a grand time. Here’s a few pictures below of our family outing.

Tell us what family outings you enjoy doing together? Thanks for reading!


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