Yes, It’s A Baby At A Concert!

Everyone who knows me already know I love concerts. The first concert I attended was non other than Ms. Patti LaBelle at 5 years old. I can remember seeing Patti kick off her high heel shoes, get on her knees and roll around singing. That was back when R&B music was real and made sense. I grew up listening to artist like Earth, Wind & Fire, Debarge, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, The Gap Band and countless others that I adore. I knew I would bring Juliette to shows with me at an early age.

I figured I would begin in the Summer, but the groundhog saw his shadow early so why not start a little sooner. Five months it was, yes my little one’s first concert was at 5 months old. Juliette had already attended five concerts while I was carrying her.

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Everyone’s favorite Uncle Charlie Wilson “shabadaba dwee dwee” was coming to The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN along with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Joe. That line up alone screamed Date Night for many in the city. I knew I would probably get the evil eye from some people for bringing my baby to a concert, but I have pretty thick skin.

In order to have a successful night I came up with a game plan. I checked the weather since living in Tennessee you never know what to expect. One day it’s 70 degrees and the next day it’s 30 degrees raining cats and dogs. First thing was to find something for Juliette to wear. Of course, I treated this task the same way if I was getting ready for a good time out so I went shopping. I found a pink and white Little Me Damask Scroll Footie and Hat Set from buybuy Baby.

I dressed myself for comfort and wore a flyaway nursing sweater and leggings.

My must-haves for bringing Juliette along was Banz baby ear-muffs for hearing protection. I also brought along a light-weight purse just big enough to add diapers, wipes, one burp cloth and a teething ring (she’s not fond of pacifiers so I didn’t bother packing one). I used my Infantino Baby Carrier, so she was snug as a bug and close to mommy’s heart! Now, that I had everything together I told myself if for some reason Juliette begins to cry I would take her out to reset.

Here’s how it went down. We arrived 30 minutes before the doors opened and parked in the garage at the Bridgestone Arena near the entry door. This gave me time to feed, burp and change Juliette in the car. The weather was a little chilly so I wore an all-weather coat. I was able to zip the coat while baby wearing to keep the wind chill off of her.

Once inside, I unzipped my coat fully and to my surprise there was so many smiling faces. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “Look there’s a baby!” Juliette is a people watcher so as people gazed in her big bright eyes she stared back. When we made our way to our seats I told Juliette she was in for a treat. She did so good doing the show. The opening singer, Joe sung Juliette to sleepy land. After he left the stage, she woke up so I went to check her diaper. After returning Kenny “Baby Face” Edmonds was next. I sung and together we danced to “For To The Cool In You” and “Roni”. Juliette watched the lights in the arena as the lit up in different colors and moved around the stage. Before Charlie Wilson came out, I went to the mothers nursery room to change her diaper (btw I had no idea they had one prior to arriving).

Bridgestone Arena Nursery
Bridgestone Arena Nursery
Bridgestone Arena Nursery

It was beautiful inside there was nursery rocking chairs, mini fridge, sink, changing table, tv and more. My mother was impressed as well. We didn’t spend much time in there but it was nice amenity to use. Uncle Charlie hit the stage as we were heading back to our seats. At this time, Juliette was due for another feeding.

Us just normalizing breastfeeding

She had the house white, mommy’s milk of course. Everything went according to plan. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

Here are my tips:

Contact the venue to find out if they have a nursery room and where its located and select seats near it if possible.

Dress for comfort. People aren’t coming to see you their coming to see the artist.

If possible, don’t go alone. I went with my mom and friend. They were both very helpful and knew my plan.

Music & Baby wearing are very soothing

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Have you taken you little one to a concert or festival? Would you consider it? Tell me in the comments!

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