WaterWipes To The Rescue

We never would’ve imagined that our daughter’s skin would be sensitive. Within her first two weeks of Juliette begin to have a diaper rash. We changed her diapers constantly and we tried of various baby wipes since we had a variety of brands from our baby shower. None of them worked for Juliette’s skin. We ended up using around 12-15 wash cloths with a bowl of warm water to be a gentle as possible during her diaper changes.

Our nights were becoming longer and with every diaper change I began to feel helpless as I was dealing with Post-Partdum Depression and had no idea I was even depressed but that’s another story. We began to let her go diaper free for airing out during tummy time on a water proof cloth diaper.

Many baby wipes have tons of fragrance and chemicals. Our children don’t care about the sweet smells, they want a clean bottom without rashes. On my next shopping trip I was on a mission, searching the aisle for a baby wipe that was gentle with less ingredients. That’s when I found WaterWipes. They’re the world’s purest baby wipes made with 99.9% water and 1% of fruit extract (grapefruit seed). WaterWipes are accepted by The National Eczema Association. After using WaterWipes, Juliette’s rash began to be relieved and we didn’t have to use a bowl of water and baby cloth towels any longer. It’s wasn’t long after that she was diaper rash free! WaterWipes are also great for hands and face too. There have been times when Juliette will scratch her face and leaving a red mark. We take a WaterWipe to wipe her face, within a few minutes the redness is gone. We love WaterWipes and we hope you give them a try. You can found them at many retailers you already shop. I’ve included a link below.

Where To Buy WaterWipes

Please let us know if you if you use WaterWipes or when you try them out!

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