How We Planned For Our Baby: My Voyage To Motherhood

Happy Monday! This week on our social media I will be sharing some of my favorite moments of being a Mom so far on my Motherhood voyage. Being a Mom has been one of life’s greatest joys for me. It’s funny because, when Johnathan and I tied the knot on March 25, 2017 I told him I wanted to wait about 3 years before having children so we could enjoy one another as a married couple. His response: “Haven’t you enjoyed enough of us time while we dating! I’m ready to start a family. I’ve always wanted to be a Dad.”

This blog post is not sponsored just our story.

As my heart melted I was thinking dang he’s right maybe it is time. I have enjoyed our time together as a couple and we both were approaching age 30. JP also always mentioned for years he wanted to be a Dad by 30. I on the other hand didn’t put an age time limit on myself for a parenting role as I knew when you have children your life changes completely. It’s all about the baby and you have to adjust. Therefore, I wasn’t in a rush to become a mom. We knew we both wanted to be parents plus give our parents grandchildren. Luckily, there was no pressure from them to have Grand-babies, but we knew they would be so excited to pull out a picture brag book to show their friends. We prayed about it and talked about it constantly.

About a month later we begin to plan for our first child. Johnathan has always wanted a Summer baby. We were both born in June and both of us love all things about Summer time. It was the perfect time for us and our new desire. We prayed about it some more and begin to try in the middle of August 2017. We were so nervous it was as if we’ve never been intimate before. We had to discuss the awkward moments so we could stop being weird. The conversation kinda went like this. We’re two adults who are married to each other and in love. Can we stop being weird now? We both want the same thing and that’s a healthy baby.

However, even though we had the same desires nothing was happening. August, September, October all came and went without a positive pregnancy test in sight. We both were getting a bit sad and trying to figure out what we were doing wrong. It was beginning to look like our Summer baby goals were coming to an end. Then came November, JP purchased a First Response Ovulation Digital Test from Walgreens. He joked that the cashier knew him now and was asking how it was going. I was thinking “Wow, this guy isn’t playing around’s he ready!” The First Response Ovulation Test predicts your most fertile days. We learned the best time to start tracking your cycle is before you start trying to conceive. Your two most fertile days begin with the LH surge. That’s the time you’re most likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse within 24-36 hours after your personal LH surge is detected. I also downloaded an app to track my cycle. I began taking the test consistently while many were a No for days. Then a Yes appeared, we looked at each other like a deer staring into headlights. It was time to start trying again and no weirdness just an awesome playlist. Then we waited patiently and keep our spirits up by talking about what our future may look like with a baby around.

December rolled around as I took the pregnancy test I tried not toget my hopes up too high and finding things to do while waiting for the results is the hardest thing to do. This test meant a lot because, it was taking on December 23rd and Johnathan didn’t want anything for Christmas except for a baby. I didn’t buy him any gifts that year. He’s the type of person that when he says he doesn’t want anything he means it. He doesn’t play games he’s honest and straightforward. The test was negative and I was pretty devastated.

Christmas morning came and my cycle still hadn’t began. I took another pregnancy test, set it down on the side on the tub and walked out. When I returned I saw two lines! I was in total shock! I was out of test so I went to Walgreens and grabbed a pregnancy test with results that will display the word Yes or No. Remember, I didn’t get him anything for Christmas so I ran over to the Christmas decor aisle and found a tiny baby stocking. Then the baby aisle, I grabbed baby nail clippers. We always talked about how I would probably be too scared to clip our baby’s nails and how that would be his job. I didn’t want to go over board buying baby items and I felt like this was enough to make the moment special. When I made it home I took another and it said YES! I was so overwhelmed with a flood of joy. I put on Christmas music and began cooking dinner. Typically we both wake up early on Christmas Day, but this day was different Johnathan slept in until about 4 PM waking up when it was time to eat. Little did he know, I had a gift for him! I had to ask my parents to leave early which is something I would never ever do! It was 10:30pm and it was getting later by the minute. My parents was watching a Basketball game and it was halftime so I didn’t feel too bad. Plus, they got cable at home and I know my momma recorded the game on their DVR. I told them don’t worry about fixing it to go plates and told them they could come over tomorrow for it. I remember my mom making a joke about they must be trying to make a baby this Christmas. I laughed so hard! I wanted to give him his gift on Christmas Day. So I cut on some music and gave him his Stocking, he did not know that I put the surprise items inside later that day. When he opened it he was so shocked that he burst into tears. He was pretty speechless! Johnathan got his Christmas wish and we reached our desire to become parents.

We can proudly say we planned for our first child and nine months later at age 30 and 31 on August 24th we got our beautiful and healthy Summer baby, Juliette!

Passionate Pattens become parents!

We hope this motivates someone to keep the faith. Everyone’s voyage to parenthood is different and that’s totally okay. This blog post is not sponsored just our story.

Thanks for reading!

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