Review: Dream On Me – Coast Rider Stroller

I’m excited to have the opportunity to review the Coast Rider Stroller. If you’ve seen Juliette’s walker or playpen guess what it’s from Dream On Me. The Coast Rider Stroller is an awesome choice for parents on the go and can be used beginning at 6 months of age.

In April 2020, The Coast Rider Stroller won the JPMA Innovation Award, and meets or exceeds all ASTM and CPSC standards.

The Coast Rider Stroller folds compactly and comes with multiple conversions from stroller, scooter to rider. Some of its awesome features includes a removable seat back, adjustable handles and a five point safety harness. It also has buckle tongues that separate the shoulder and waist straps for added safety protection. Personally, I’ve never seen that feature before on a stroller harness. Cleaning the stroller is easy peasy. The removable fabric covers and trims may be cleaned using warm water with soap or mild detergent. The non-removable fabric covers and trims may be spot cleaned using a damp sponge with soap or mild detergent. Then allow it to dry fully away from direct sunlight.

If you have two kiddos this stroller can be easily attached trailer style with most baby strollers, making it a perfect dual ride for older siblings. Also, there’s a Canopy attachment (sold separately) that helps shield your little one from harmful sun rays and rainy days. This stroller is available in four different colors including black, grey, navy and pink. I was so excited to be able to select our color for this review. We love pink in this house! Once Juliette saw the stroller assembled her eyes lit up and she exclaimed “Yay” with so much joy! The Coast Rider Stroller definitely makes her feel like a big girl as she explores the world around her. I’m so grateful Dream On Me gifted us the Coast Rider Stroller for review.

Learn more about Dream On Me click here

The Coast Rider Stroller is available on Amazon & Walmart

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